FileRunner is a platform independent database client to run SQL queries.

Download for Windows/Linux/Mac

Link Type Size
Stable Version 1.1.218 (2023-10-10) .zip 92 MB
Latest build 1.1.329 (2024-07-11) .zip 117 MB


At least Java 8 is required to run FileRunner.
  • Download and unpack the files somewhere.
  • For Windows, you can run the filerunner.exe or double-click on jar-file.
  • For Linux/Mac, run the file

Note that FileRunner is a single user application with all configuration is stored in its directory. Each user should run its own copy.


  • For those who love to write SQL
  • Fast and simple platform-independent graphical access to SQL databases
  • Allows running queries against multiple databases at the same time
  • Optimized for SQL Server usage, but all databases with JDBC driver are "somewhat" supported. Tested with Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle XE and Postgres.
  • Uses familiar SSMS GUI concepts
  • SQL Server syntax highlighting and code completion / suggestion / tooltips
  • Column / table name validation
  • Easy to open procedures and definitions
  • Results can be searched, filtered and visualized as graphs
  • Support to view geospatial data (points, polygons, circles) on a map
  • Simple import (Excel, CSV, raw files) and export (Excel, CSV, json, xml)
  • Additional copy paste possibilities of pasting data as queries

License / Warranty

FileRunner comes with no warranty. Use it on your own risk. The program is free for non-commercial use.
For commercial use you might wanna contact the website author by emailing "siggemannen (at)" and obtain a license but no biggie if you don't :)

Send praise or bug reports to the above email as well

Copyright (C) 2018-2024 Siggemannen


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